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Roof maintenance from Lakeland Roof Service can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements by preventing small issues from getting out of control.


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It’s a lot easier to prevent roof problems than it is to fix them. Roof maintenance from Lakeland Roof Service can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements by preventing small issues from getting out of control.

​Regular roof inspections are the best way to protect your home or business against future storm damage. We will not only provide you with routine services, but we will also keep up-to-date on all laws and regulations in order to make sure that your property is fully protected.

Making regular affordable payments for roof maintenance means that you’ll save money in the long run and even reduce the possibility of having to undergo a costly roof replacement. It’s time for Lakeland Roof Service!

By carrying out inspections frequently and fixing small issues before they become a problem, you can save yourself from the hassle of having to rectify them.

​Ever wondered why damp is apparent in your home or business? Our customers don’t! This is because we remove that possibility by regular roof services and have the best roofers in town to ensure this work is always of the highest quality.

Florida storms bring with them a lot of rain and a lot of danger. It is essential that you have your roof inspected regularly by experienced professionals in order to protect it from unforeseen damages when the storm hits!

​Lakeland Roof Service offers an affordable monthly plan for all our services, including inspections.

What Does Roof Maintenance Include?

Don’t wait until after the next hurricane or tornado has come through – call Lakeland Roof Service today!

Our team will advise on the best insurance coverage for you and will make sure that your roof is in top condition. Should disaster strike, we will be on hand to assist in any way we can, taking care of insurance claims, working with adjusters and ensuring your transition though the process is nothing but smooth.

We check for damaged tiles, shingles, flashing, metal, siding and gutters, and more.

​Call today to take the first step in protecting your investment!

Lakeland Roof Service is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Lakeland, FL. We specialize not just in installations but also on maintenance – it’s important that you get down from time-to-time to check for any potential problems or damage that could have gone unnoticed during installation phase. It doesn’t matter how many layers of shingle we lay over a damaged layer; sooner or later wind will whip up again and push water under those layers right back through holes. Where bad tiles had been before, installing new ones is a priority to create a water tight structure and sealing them properly with asphalt sealant/adhesive tape can help prevent leaks. This is why regular inspections are so critical. They help us to identify any problems and give us an idea of what to expect before the next storm.

​Remember: when you need quick assistance on your roof or gutters from one of the most experienced professionals in the area – call Lakeland Roof Service today for prompt response!

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